We ensure safe, accessible, and efficient care delivery during COVID-19

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare facilities throughout the United States came to depend on Rhinogram’s all-in-one virtual care platform to keep their team and patients safe. 

Rely on Rhinogram to avoid a second shutdown at your facility.

Rhinogram is your solution for COVID-19.

Offer Telehealth Services
Use multimedia messaging to reach patients, coordinate specialty care, maintain treatment plans, promote medication adherence, and more.

HIPAA-Compliant Text Messaging
Instead of downloading an app or logging into a portal, patients simply contact you through standard text messaging.

E-forms & Signatures
COMING SOON! Collect new patient information, medical records, consent, and other health data through customizable forms and e-signature capabilities.

Live Video Calls
Connect with patients remotely through virtual visits, even when the patient lacks access to high-speed internet.

Contactless Payment
Our text-to-pay solution, RhinoPay,  allows your facility to offer a convenient, hands-free checkout.

Virtual Waiting Room
Message your entire appointment list for the day instructing patients to text your office when they arrive and new procedures.


added a week
to your bottom line by replacing 11
in-office appointments with virtual visits

The Rhinogram Way

Think building a telehealth strategy for your specialty practice is too expensive? Think again. Rhinogram's virtual care solution has proven value, boosting ROI, and improving efficiency in practices just like yours.

  • 1-2 hours saved every day in administrative tasks
  • 30% increase in new patient/business growth
  • 16% decrease in overhead costs

The Rhinogram leverage

Hear from Rhinogram users who were able to keep patients engaged during COVID-19

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