Chiropractic Office Adds $50K in Revenue with Rhinogram

A growing practice of six providers needed a more effective way to engage with prospective clients, as well as a HIPAA-compliant internal chat tool.

Problem: Communication Breakdown

70-80 patient visits per day, placing a premium on efficient internal communication.

Difficulty rescheduling same-day cancellations.

15% of new patient inquiries lost due to inefficient communication at a cost of $1500/new patient.

High outbound call volume with a response rate typically less than 5%.

Rhinogram Saves The Day

Conversion rate of new prospects grew 15%, from 67% to 82%.

$50,000 in new revenue from converting prospects into new patients.

The office operates more efficiently courtesy of an internal, HIPAA-compliant chat tool.

What do the users say?

“The ability to text with our patients has made all the difference. Before, we would spend hours on the phone with very little success. Now, patients will text us back very quickly, usually in less than three-minutes. It also takes less time to reschedule a cancellation, and I sleep easier at night knowing that our new internal chat tool is HIPAA-compliant.”