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Real talk from real texters.


Dr. Mike Allport


Using Rhinogram, our hygienists can send me pictures and diagnostic images so I can consult on diagnoses and treatment plans remotely. That adds to my practice’s bottom line - even when I’m away.


Eva M.

Treatment Coordinator

We use Rhinogram to confirm appointments, for medication reminders, and to send and receive insurance information. It's quick, it's direct, and we get responses so much faster. Thank you Rhinogram!


Lisa H.

Practice Administrator

Rhinogram helps us pay immediate attention to patients who are checking in or out of the office. We can pause in the middle of doing appointment reminders and take care of the patient at the counter. No more waiting awkwardly while we finish a phone conversation.


Jennifer M.

Patient and Mom

When my child lost her retainer, I just pulled out my phone, texted our orthodontist, and scheduled an appointment. It’s so much more convenient while I’m at work. Every healthcare provider should have Rhinogram.


Susan R.

Office Manager

Thanks to Rhinogram, our time on the phone has gone down a lot. We’re now getting customers that text first. Nobody’s on hold and we can respond as we have time. Phone calls are a pain. Rhinogram is just easier.


Kandy A.

Dental Hygienist

I love Rhinogram because now I can communicate with the front office without leaving my patient in the treatment room. We get more done, while also being more personable to every patient.

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