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Everything you need to know about 10DLC

10DLC Notice


With the ever-increasing volume of organizations using text messages to communicate with their consumers, mobile networks are changing how they handle business text messaging to help increase message delivery rates and remove unwanted spam from the networks.  This change is called 10DLC.  Rhinogram offers an easy way to become and remain 10DLC compliant.



What is 10DLC?


10DLC is a local 10-digit phone number that can support a high volume of text messages. 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) is the new standard for Application-to-Person (A2P) text messaging utilizing a traditional 10 digit phone number. Although similar to the existing long code, 10DLC is a reliable messaging channel with throughput levels suitable for SMS/MMS campaigns and is sanctioned by the mobile operators for A2P messaging. 



Why do you need to register 10DLC Campaigns?


North American carriers (including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile/Sprint and US Cellular) are moving away from unsanctioned long codes and are launching 10DLC as a sanctioned A2P messaging service. In order to avoid disruption of messaging services it is vital that all businesses and organizations register with 10DLC. 



What Rhinogram has done on your behalf:
  • The good news is that Rhinogram has already gathered the necessary data, registered your brand, and registered your 10DLC campaigns for all phone numbers enabled on your Rhinogram account.

  • Rhinogram has paid the initial cost of 10DLC brand registration before the deadline, as of October 2021.

  • Rhinogram will pay the monthly costs of 10DLC campaigns for the remainder of 2021. 


What changes will affect you:


As of Jan 1, 2022, you will see a new line on your monthly statement named 10DLC Fee,  which covers the on-going monthly costs to keep your 10DLC phone numbers and brand compliant.



As you are now 10 DLC Compliant, your business will continue to benefit from:

  • Text capabilities from your recognized local area code phone number

  • Improved deliverability of messages - faster and more reliable

  • Text and call capabilities on the same phone number

  • A regulated channel protected from spam


Helpful Tips to complete the registration form:

Registered Business Name: Please supply this as it appears on your business license.

Business Registration Number (EIN): EIN can be found on your tax documentation.


  1. Can I still text from my same phone number? - Yes. We already have you covered, so you can continue texting as normal. 

  2. Do I have to register? - Yes. This is a mandatory change that Rhinogram is handling on your behalf.

  3. Do I have to do anything to stay compliant? No. Rhinogram has streamlined the process, by registering your numbers for you, and will manage the ongoing monthly registration to keep you compliant.


Helpful Definitions:

  • Application-to-person (A2P): As defined by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), all commercial or business messaging is now considered A2P traffic, whereas person-to-person (P2P) is reserved for mobile end-user exchange only, barring exemptions.

  • 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC): The traditional long code phone number which can be utilized for both voice and messaging. Historically, it has been used for P2P communication but in the past few years, more businesses have begun to utilize these numbers to send messages.

  • The Campaign Registry (TCR): The newly conceived third-party central hub AT&T and T-Mobile have designated for registering A2P 10DLC messaging campaigns. The Campaign Registry was chosen by AT&T and T-Mobile to register application-to-person (A2P) text messaging campaigns. 

  • Brand: The company or entity initiating messages to the consumer. 

  • Campaign: A collection of information used to identify use case and CTIA compliance for carrier evaluation. A campaign requires details such as message examples and industry vertical. 

  • Mobile Network Operators (MNO): Mobile carriers.


Do you have questions?


We are happy to assist you. You may reach our Customer Success team at or Text or Call 423.800.7644 , Opt. 1.

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