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Our Story

Like many companies, Rhinogram was derived out of a need to solve a problem that had no current solutions. Rhinogram's birth story originates directly from our own practicing doctor, Dr. Keith Dressler. Dr. Dressler experienced the need for a compliant platform to communicate with patients that wanted to text his practice. Since its inception, the platform has been built out to be a feature-complete one-stop-shop with many functionalities that support the entire patient/provider journey. Our mission is to help providers. We have seen how inundated you are with clunky technology and outdated EHR systems that don't do everything you need them to do to effectively engage with your patients. Rhinogram sees the need to fix what so desperately needs to change in healthcare--providing practices solutions that allow you to focus on WHY you got into healthcare in the first place. Let's face it, you didn't get into healthcare to deal with antiquated technology, spend hours playing phone tag, or to try to piecemeal solutions together to fill in the gaps that are currently being ignored by the systems themselves. Let us handle the administrative care, so you can focus on the clinical care. Your team and your patients will be glad you did. 



Dr. Keith Dressler​


Dr. Dressler has 35+ yrs experience in orthodontics & entrepreneurship. He currently serves on the advisory board of the ATDA. In 2000, Dr. Dressler co-founded OrthoBanc, LLC currently serving  4,000+ healthcare providers. In 2020, he successfully sold OrthoBanc to OrthoFi. In 1998, Dr. Dressler co-founded Elite Physician Services, a national healthcare patient finance company. As CEO & chairman, Dr. Dressler grew the business before it became the Citi Health Card in 2003.

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Estel Powell


Estel Powell is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in software development. With a remarkable 12-year tenure in healthcare, he specializes in digital patient engagement, making him a vital force in driving our company's vision. His dedication lies in empowering our teams to execute Dr. Dressler's revolutionary vision for healthcare. Beyond his impactful role, he wears another hat as the voice of the Valdosta State Blazer football team. In his cherished spare moments, he enjoys quality time with his teenage sons, making him an exceptional leader and a dedicated family man.


Earnie Broughton


Earnie Broughton brings over 21 years of experience to Rhinogram as Director of Engineering. Before joining Rhinogram, he served as a Researcher and Engineer at the University of South Carolina for 19 years, focusing on developing simulation technologies for the Office of Naval Research. During his time at USC, Earnie played a key role in launching several startups aimed at commercializing innovative technologies. Recognizing the significance of accessible healthcare during the pandemic, he transitioned into the telemedicine healthcare space and joined Rhinogram to contribute to improving healthcare accessibility for all. Outside of his professional pursuits, Earnie enjoys spending time camping with his wife and four children, as well as playing the guitar.


Shanita Tolbert


For over 18 years, Shanita has been a noteworthy leader in the Customer Relations Industry. She has mastered the ins and outs of IT support teams from EPIC to SAP . Hard work, dedication and consistency are her aims to create mutually respected business relationships. She has held a vast number of roles that contribute to her success and created significant strategies that are conducive to providing a superior customer experience. In her free time Shanita enjoys hiking, fine dining and spending time with friends and family.


Wayne Clay


Wayne has over 30 years in corporate management and human resources, including thirteen years with Fruit of the Loom and Dupont. The last 18 years he has found his niche as an executive in successful large-scale startups. Throughout his executive career, he has helped build organizations as diverse as Well Bred Boxer, a specialty clothing manufacturer, and Elite Physician Services, a financial services company for the medical industry.


Our Advisors

Medical Advisory Board

Michael Dragutsky, MD

Gastro One
Germantown, TN

Joe Haskins, MD

Lookout Mountain, GA

Scott Hodges, MD

Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopedics
Chattanooga, TN

David Holt, MD

Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic
Knoxville, TN

Daniel D. Dressler, MD, MSc, MHM, FACP

Internal Medicine
Atlanta, GA

Stanley Dressler, MD

OBGYN Centre of Excellence
Chattanooga, TN

Debbie Eddlestone

CEO of Stern Cardiology
Germantown, TN

Matthew Kidwell, MD

UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Hospital
Cedar Rapids, IA

Richard Krause, MD, FACG

ClinSearch Clinical Research Specialists
Chattanooga, TN

David Gallegos, MD

Greater Knoxville ENT Center
Knoxville, TN

David Gubin, MD

The Urology Group
Memphis, TN

Steve Gubin, MD

Stern Cardiovascular
Memphis, TN

Raj Narayani, MD, FACG, FASGE

Gastrointestinal Associates
Knoxville, TN

Michael Reed, MD

ENT Medical Services
Iowa City, IA

Allan Rosenbaum, MD, FACS

Greater Knoxville ENT
Knoxville, TN

Oral Health Advisory Board

Mike Allport, DDS

Today's Dental
Dayton, TN

David B. Carter, DMD

Clear Ortho Solutions
Augusta, GA

Bill Childress, DDS, MD

East Brainerd Oral Surgery
Chattanooga, TN

Richard Johnson, DDS, MD

East Brainerd Oral Surgery
Chattanooga, TN

Yan Kalika DMS, MD

Image Orthodontics
San Francisco, CA

Terrence Major, DDS

Chattanooga Dental Care
Chattanooga, TN

Karl Meyer, DDS, MD

Hixson Implant & Oral Surgery
Hixson, TN

Austin Roberts, DDS

Family and Implant Dentistry
Ooltewah, TN

George A. Souris, DDS, MSD

Richard Williams, DDS, MS

Michael Weathersby, DDS, MS

Jason Webb, DDS

Braces by Souris
Cleveland, OH

Orthodontic Department Head

University of Tennessee School of Dentistry

Smile Doctors
Ooltewah, TN

Webb Dentistry
Ringgold, GA

Edward J. Zuckerberg, DDS, FAGD

Painless Social Media
Los Altos, CA

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