Talkin’ Telehealth

Telehealth is having a dramatic impact on the way patient care is being delivered. Talkin’ Telehealth examines how telehealth can simplify communication, improve office workflow and most importantly, drive better patient care. Tune in to hear some great clinical stories about telehealth in practice, where telehealth is today, where it is going, and how the latest regulations are impacting provider operations and reimbursement.

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Meet the hosts

Kathy Ford

Holding the dual role of both President and Chief Product Officer at Rhinogram, Kathy has been instrumental in driving the company’s mission of making virtual patient care simple, efficient and secure. Throughout her twenty-plus year career, Kathy has proven to be a dynamic and engaging leader who is passionate about driving innovation and strategic business development in the global healthcare IT and medical device sectors. Her focus for most of her career has been on improving the health and wellness of the global population. She is internationally recognized for pioneering the commercialization of more than 100 clinically impactful solutions used around the world.

Erika Grau

Rhinogram’s Director of Marketing, Erika Grau, began her career in healthcare IT specializing in content marketing for health systems, urgent care centers, ambulatory surgery centers, and physician practices while at a patient engagement company. Currently, Erika manages all marketing communication and strategy to improve Rhinogram’s market position in the telehealth industry. Passionate about healthcare technology’s role in improving the patient experience, Erika has worked with several mobile health focused companies in her career.