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After the Podcast: Q&A with Dr. Dressler on Patient-Initiated Collaborative Messaging

As the healthcare industry works to improve patient outcomes, Rhinogram Founder and CEO, Dr. Keith Dressler, shares the missing piece to achieving better results. On The Podcast by KevinMD, host, Dr. Kevin Pho, invites Dr. Dressler to discuss the gap between patients and providers.

We were excited to listen to the podcast and have a chat with Dr. Dressler after the show to go deeper into the discussion around this important topic.

Question 1: Dr. Dressler, can you give some context to the issue of the gap between patients and providers in our current healthcare model?

Answer: There is a great deal of waste and repetition in healthcare that is costly to everyone. There has been a number of changes in the industry that have made it necessary for us all to consider healthcare differently. One major industry shift is in incentivizing better patient outcomes for providers and placing more emphasis on patient-reported outcomes. Measuring patient outcomes requires the patient to be able to initiate communication with their provider and vice versa. The answer is more effective communication through the patient care journey and essentially Patient-Initiated Collaborative Test Messaging.

Question 2: How can patients take more ownership of their health through virtual care and digital communication?

Answer: Good question. Look for providers that have patient-initiated texting and ask your existing providers about their virtual care options. If your preferred provider does not have an option like Rhinogram for patient communication, make a suggestion to your doctor or their practice manager and recommend they request a demo of the Rhinogram platform. Satisfaction surveys and during your next visit are a great time to give your provider feedback on how they can improve their care. If your provider offers digital communication, make sure you are using the tools to communicate about your care as you have questions.

Question 3: You called yourself a serial entrepreneur on the podcast. Can you share more about your background and what inspired you to work to fill the gap in patient and provider communication through Rhinogram?

Answer: I come from a multi-generational physician family and have my own practice. I know firsthand how much-improved patient communications improve patient outcomes. As I said in the podcast, when I see a need, I try to solve it. It was clear to me that in the process of connecting patients to their providers there existed a voicemail message barrier that creates a lot of frustration and inefficiency. I began investing in designing a solution that would empower my entire care team and patients to collaborate the way patients wanted to engage. This meant a solution that didn't force patients into a portal or app but rather a way to engage with patients the way they want to engage. Rhinogram is the product of this investment and we are proud to be helping providers care for their patients even better every day.

Question 4: Are there additional ways that we as patients and consumers of healthcare services, can do more to support the adoption of patient-initiated collaborative messaging?

Answer: Absolutely. If you really want to be at the leading edge of changing healthcare, help us spread the word about our platform. I invite you to invest in Rhinogram via our StartEngine Campaign and help us continue to expand our outreach efforts. We want patients and providers everywhere in the United States to know that Rhinogram is a solution designed to fill the missing piece in healthcare. When we are all able to manage our own care better, we will all feel better and enjoy a better quality of life and that is really our mission at Rhinogram.

We appreciate Dr. Dressler's time and expertise. You can access a complete transcript of the podcast here.

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