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Is Health Tech a Good Investment?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

A lot has changed in the healthcare industry since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare organizations across all sizes and specialties were forced to close their doors to

comply with in-person restrictions. Since then, telehealth and virtual care practices were rapidly

adopted, and by now, most individuals have experienced the digitization of healthcare in one

way or another.

Healthcare technology helped remove barriers between patients and access to care when it

was an absolute necessity and continues to do just that. So, is health tech a worthy investment?

We think so – here’s why:

Many patients are still catching up with their healthcare after putting off non-urgent

appointments and providers are scrambling to keep up. Additionally, the healthcare workforce

shortage is deemed a national emergency, with an estimated 1.5 million healthcare jobs lost in

the first two months of COVID-19 alone.

Furthermore, despite the ubiquitous presence of smartphones among consumers of all ages –

along with the demand from patients to have significant and timely communications with their

providers – medical practices still use telephone calls or email as the primary communications

vehicle. Ultimately, this combination of challenges is not only a driver in staff burnout, but it’s

getting in the way of clinical care and diminishing the overall patient experience and

satisfaction rate.

These issues can be mitigated by adopting a text-first, HIPAA-compliant, collaborative

communications mentality. Integrating with most EHR and PMS systems, Rhinogram enables

providers to compliantly communicate with patients via text message, video interactions and

phone calls at any time from their mobile device – supporting the development of AI and

language translation – to address appointment requests, clinical questions, refill requests,

medical records access and more. Overall, the platform helps alleviate administrative burden

and increases efficiency while reducing inbound phone volume by up to 70% and requiring

30% fewer employees.

Backed by legislation, telehealth is an expanding market, currently worth a quarter trillion dollars. These numbers speak for themselves – the time to invest in health tech is now.

Rhinogram is on a mission to make healthcare efficient and accessible for all while getting providers back to them why they got into healthcare. Learn more about opportunities to join us as we expand our services and help shift the healthcare landscape by assisting providers across the nation to deliver that virtual care experience needed.

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