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Need compliant outbound calling?
Say "hello" to RhinoCall. 

RhinoCall allows providers to make secure outbound calls from any device while displaying their practices office number.

RhinoCall gives you control where it matters most. 

RhinoCall is built into existing communication workflows and allows providers and staff to start an outbound call directly from the Rhinogram platform (via mobile, desktop, or native apps), from wherever they are – removing the need to look up a patient’s contact information or manually dial out. All calls placed with RhinoCall display the practice’s office number (or another selected number), protecting the personal numbers of providers and staff. Additionally, all calls made with RhinoCall are fully audited, logged and permission controlled.

Provide convenient and seamless responses for:
  • appointment requests
  • clinical questions
  • refill requests
  • medical records access and much more...
“As staff shortages continue to affect the healthcare industry, there is a growing need for streamlining workflow wherever possible. RhinoCall allows providers and staff to make outbound calls quickly and securely from any of their devices, while never compromising their personal number;  giving practices control of when and how they communicate with their patients while protecting their practice, personal time, and personal cellphone number.”
- Dr. Keith Dressler, Chairman & CEO

Are you an existing customer ready to add RhinoCall?
Contact our team below.

Providers often see


in overhead costs through
virtual consultations


increase in business growth
through Rhinogram’s platform


unnecessary appointments
every month

Rhinogram delivers value


Give patients direct access to your practice in the same way they communicate with everyone else. See 10% to over 30% growth.


79% of consumers are more likely to choose a physician who offers virtual care over one who does not.


Regain 1-2 hours daily with simultaneous care conversations. Eliminate phone tag and communicate with team members without leaving your desk.

Ready to see it in action?

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