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Rhinogram honored at KLAS TOP 20 Emerging Solutions Awards with 2 awards!

#2 in Improved Patient Experience category
#5 in Reduce Cost of Care category

The report includes solutions that have the greatest potential to disrupt the healthcare market ranked by healthcare leaders with the help of KLAS across the country.

What is the KLAS Emerging Solutions Top 20?


Healthcare executives are overwhelmed by the flood of new technologies in healthcare and can miss an amazing new technology partner because they are lost in the crowd. To solve this problem, KLAS has pulled together a group of provider thought leaders from around the country to help KLAS select the Top 20 Emerging Solutions that are disrupting the healthcare market.

About KLAS:
KLAS is a research and insights firm on a global mission to improve healthcare. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers data and insights on software and services to deliver timely reports and performance data that represent provider and payer voices and act as catalysts for improving vendor performance. The KLAS research team publishes reports covering the most pressing questions facing healthcare technology today, including emerging technology insights, that provide early insights on the future of healthcare technology solutions. Follow KLAS on LinkedIn. Learn more at:

KLAS Provider Thought Leaders Acknowledge Rhinogram


In addition to rating the emerging solutions, KLAS provider thought leaders also gave their input on technology innovation that address the quadruple aim of healthcare; Improve Care and Outcomes, Reduce the Cost of Care, Improve Patient Experience, and Improve Provider Satisfaction. Rhinogram ranks #2 in Improved Patient Experience category and #5 in Reduce Cost of Care category

Screen Shot 2023-10-13 at 5.18.49 PM.png
To read the full report and learn about how Rhinogram is disrupting the healthcare market, visit Klas Research
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