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Rhinogram Adds Four Languages Supported by Message Translation

By Daryl Weldon | February 16, 2023

More than 25 million individuals in the U.S. have limited English proficiency, which decreases their access to healthcare compared to English speakers. According to a 2021 survey by the CDC, 37% of adults reported using telemedicine in the past 12 months – and 32.8% of Hispanic respondents were more likely to use telemedicine.

At Rhinogram, we’re continuously looking for new ways to improve our digital communication & virtual care platform so that quality care is accessible to everyone – which is why we’ve recently added four more languages to the 13 existing languages that were already supported by our message translation feature:

  • Somali

  • Hebrew (right to left script supported)

  • Nepali

  • Arabic (right to left script supported)

Rhinogram’s message translation feature gives users the ability to decipher incoming messages and compose outgoing messages in their native languages. This feature not only reduces staff time and burden spent in language translation, but more importantly, supports health equity and more accessible care for patients.

Rhinogram enables providers to compliantly communicate with patients via text message, video interactions and phone calls at any time from their mobile device to address appointment requests, clinical questions, refill requests, medical records access and more.

Find out how your organization can benefit from our digital communication & virtual care platform by requesting a demo.

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