How Rhinogram makes healthcare simple(r).


Text with patients.

Rhinogram makes your office number textable. Rhinogram’s app means your team can text back from anywhere, on any smart device.

Fewer Calls.  More Connections.  Better Conversations.


Chat with teammates.

Message teammates from your workstation, or on the go. Collaborate quickly and privately, without interrupting conversations with on-site patients.

Streamline workflows.  Save time.  Give better service and care.


Send and receive photos.

Grow your practice with quick, virtual exams. Invite patients to text in images. Perform virtual exams and make appointments as needed. Send before-and-after photos.

Reduce emergency appointments.  Engage with more patients.  Give smarter care.


Automate replies.

Send friendly, automatic messages to anyone who contacts your office outside of business hours, while you’re at lunch, or during a holiday.

Keep patients notified.  Provide 24-hour service.


Create custom templates.

Create and send custom templates in just a couple of clicks- saving time without sacrificing your practice's unique voice.

Reduce response time.  Provide better information.  Share clickable links.


Master HIPAA.

Store all ePHI in the cloud, with double encryption. Guard your patients and your practice with built-in HIPAA protections.

Secure messaging.  Cutting-edge security.  HIPAA consent templates.  Compliant mobile data storage.  Permanent conversation records.



How do you compare to your competitors?
Our built-in HIPAA protections really set us apart. Other companies claim compliance but discourage you from sharing PHI or discussing anything beyond scheduling. With Rhinogram, you can easily and securely share PHI through whatever channel your patient prefers.

How can texting PHI (protected health information) really be HIPAA-compliant?
All members have unlimited access to RhinoSecure, a messaging channel that protects patient information with two layers of encryption. RhinoSecure was complex to build, but it’s quick and easy for you and your patients to use.

How much does this cost?
Standard pricing starts at $200 a month, with no contract required. Learn more about our pricing.

How long will it take Rhinogram to import our active patients list?
We can add all of your active patients to Rhinogram using a CSV import. Import times are impacted by both the size of the file and the quality of the data. It typically takes 5-7 business days complete.

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