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Why talk when you can text?

You enjoy faster patient responses. Patients enjoy communicating on their terms.


Rhinogram's all-in-one digital conversation tool makes your business line textable to simplify communication, improve patient response times, streamline workflows, and minimize office interruptions. And did we mention it's all HIPAA-compliant, too?



Text with patients. (Yes, really.)

Give your patients a voice. Have real, engaging conversations with useful clinical responses. So goodbye, "Reply YES to confirm."

Communicate effortlessly on any platform.

Social media messages come into Rhinogram just like texts, so all of your conversations happen in one place. Consolidate all of your practice’s communication outlets into Rhinogram’s intuitive conversation platform.


Receive pictures or attachments in a snap.

Invite patients to text you their photos, insurance information, and medical forms to streamline patient intake, keep wait times manageable, and reduce unnecessary emergency appointments.

Make internal communications more efficient.

Collaborate quickly and securely without interrupting patient care or key office functions. Work smarter with our internal chat that fits in seamlessly into your unique workflow. It’s like the new team member that fits right in.


Continue the conversation– from anywhere.

Participate in patient and team conversations on the move. Start at your desk and continue on a mobile device without missing a beat. Rhinogram has you covered around the practice or out of the office.

Take control of HIPAA compliance.

Guard your patients and your practice with built-in HIPAA protections by storing all protected health information in the cloud, not on personal devices or local servers.


We have increased new patient conversions by 15%, thanks to texting and social media messaging through Rhinogram.

Brittany B.
Office Administrator

Rhinogram allows us to truly engage with patients, going beyond treatment aspects, and actually develop a relationship with them.

Dr. Jay Lawless

Using Rhinogram, our hygienists can send me pictures and diagnostic images so I can consult on diagnoses and treatment plans remotely. That adds to my practice’s bottom line - even when I’m away.

Dr. Mike Allport

We use Rhinogram to confirm appointments, for medication reminders, and to send and receive insurance information. It's quick, it's direct, and we get responses so much faster.

Eva M.
Treatment Coordinator

See how one practice used Rhinogram to increase their revenue by $80,000/mo.

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